2015 Topps Archives - Will Ferrell set

Why this set?
First of all because I really like Will Ferrell.
Second, because is a ten card set, which makes it the set more likely to be completed from those I'm posting.
Third, because he has been in fact a baseball player, even if just for a day. It all happend during 2015 Ariziona Spring Training, when he played for ten teams in the same day for charity purposes. This makes the cards even more appealing.

There are also autographed versions out there, but I'm pretty sure that they are still going for about 1.000 dollars a piece, which is way too much for me. If I ever had that money, and be forced to spend it on cards..I could either go for 1000 dollar cards (wow, that would be a dream) or for about 20 cards costing 50 dollars each, you can buy pretty cool stuff today for that price...

As of today (september 2015) I've been able to pickup on eBay three cards from the set, for the price I usually bid on other cards, so even from a financial point of view, this set seems to be very appealing..

Completion status: 3 / 10

WF1 - Oakland Atheltics

WF2 - Seattle Mariners

 WF3 - Los Angeles Angels

WF4 - Chicago Cubs

WF5 - Arizona Diamondbacks

WF6 - Cincinnati Reds

WF7 - Chicago White Sox

WF8 - San Francisco Giants

WF9 - Los Angeles Dodgers

WF10 - (Stay Classy) San Diego Padres

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