sabato 26 aprile 2014

This week in my mailbox episode 1

Hello everybody!

In this first episode (of hopefully many to come) of "this week in my mailbox", I'll show you some cards recently received.
In the month of March I've been on a bidding spree, so I've been able to win some nice auctions on Ebay,and here are the pictures!

First is a B.J. Upton dual jersey - dual patch - auto (I guess this is how you'd call it) card from the 2007 Upper Deck Black set, numbered to 75.

Next up is a pair of 2007 Turkey red Chromograph of former Yankees, Melky Cabrera and Eric Chavez

A set that I really like and I'm slowly trying to put together is the 2013Topps Tribute WBC Edition, in the same auction I was able to get Wandy Rodriguez and John Axford,and here they are!

First card taken from a 2014 set is the David Freese auto from Tribute Traditions, numbered to 99

Together with the Freese came this nice and low numbered Martin Prado signature card from 2014 Panini America's Pastime set. I really like the idea of an italian brand, like Panini, is producing so many sets with interesting cards like this one, I'll be on the hunt for more in the future!

Last but not least, two cards from Topps Retired Autographs, 2003 and 2004 respectively, Mr Bill Skowron and Mr. Tony Armas. Not numbered, but absolutely good looking...

I hope you liked this first post showing my recent adds to the collection, I hope to receive new cards in the next week...

Best regards from Italy and keep collecting!

venerdì 25 aprile 2014

Brief presentation

Hello everybody friends collectors!
Or in my mother tongue, Ciao a tutti amici collezionisti!

This is my absolute first post in my first ever blog, and I'm happy to use it for a brief presentation of myself and my passion for baseball card collecting.
I started collecting about six years ago, and since then I kept collecting every day, trying to put together as many sets as possible, and more important looking for other collectors in the old Europe...because, as the title of my blog states, I'm an italian collector!

I decided to start this blog after many months since I started trading with Jeroen, The dutch card guy, hoping to find other collectors that might become new traders in this international and great community of collectors I'm joining.

In my collection every player, team, set, subset and brand will have its own spot, since I collect basically everything about baseball and in the form of a card!

In the last years I've built my collection through ebay purchases, but I had the luck to spend my last 5 summer holidays in NYC, and the chance to pay visit to the wonderful White Plains sportcards show, that allowed me to pick up as many cards as my luggage could possibly carry...

Hopefully in the next weeks I'll receive my latest ebay pick-ups, the majority of which being autographs, and I will post pictures of them to share with you guys

I'm currently going through my entire collection in order to update the exact number of cards I own, and to keep track of the content of every box (I can approximate the total number of cards to 40 thousand, but they might be more!)..

Well, time to finish my not-so-brief introduction so
Best regards to all of you from Italy and keep collecting!