venerdì 23 maggio 2014

This week in my mailbox episode 4

Hello collectors from all over the world!

This post should have been titled "last two weeks in my mailbox", because I accumulated so many packages in the last two weeks, I think this post will be veeery long and rich in pictures....

First up is a card of a player that has recently been on the rise, on the field and on the bay of E as well, I'm talking about Yoenis Cespedes, and the card I received last week is a Topps Tribute WBC (no,really?) with an autograph of the cuban player, and here it is...

It is the red/pink/fuchsia (who knows?) version of the card, numbered to a nice 40, and you would probably be surprised knowing that I paid a very (very) low price for this card...very...

Next up, and from the same set, are the three cards I'm going to show you

And now let's move on to some fabric into some cardboard....I'm talkin 'bout jersey cards!


First, a quad-relic card of three (and soon four) former yankees, a very nice card, even though it's not numbered (it'd deserve it, am I right?). And most importantly, this card came from a fellow european collector...and no, it's not from the dutch card guy, but from a french collector..and yes, there's plenty of baseball cards collecting going on here in Europe, we are five I think, but we may be six or seven!
The second is a jersey card of A-rod, I player that I like, no matter what's been going on recently...
And the third one, well, the reasons I got it are:
- it was on ebay for a price so low that was too sad not to buy it, and
- this card probably features the biggest piece of jersey I have in my collection, and not the usual plain white anonymous piece of jersey..ok ,it's a plain black anonymous piece of jersey...

And staying in the jersey and former yankees mood, here's a pretty nice and pretty rare (it's numbered to just 3) Robinson  Cano Jersey card, nice isn't it?

We're almost at the end of this post, but before I end it, let me show some more stuff the postman (no, not Karl Malone) left in the mailbox recently....




Ok, now this post is complete...just a couple details on the above cards, the weird-shaped Conway is numbered to 50, the Blanks is numbered to 250, the Coghlan to 99, and the Prizms are very hard to scan!

Best regards from Italy and keep collecting!

P.S. contact me if you're looking for trades, I've tons of base cards from 80's to present if you're looking for specific cards to complete your sets!

lunedì 5 maggio 2014

This week in my mailbox episode 3

Hello everyone!

I'm back for the third time in just 10 days because today back from work I found six nice and thin packages waiting for me in the mail box...and so it's time for episode 3!

This time, together with the (literally) classic set of topps i'm building, you'll notice another main focus of the cards I'm about to show...

It is the White Sox brazilian-born pitcher Andre Rienzo, and these are the cards I've recently picked up on the bay of E!

Once again I'm presenting you some Topps Tribute WBC-themed cards, together with the first 2014 Turkey red card in my collection, and all the three are from the above mentioned pitcher.
Also, two cards out of three are serially numbered. Despite it's not visible (in fact it's on the back of it), the Turkey red is numbered to 499, not exactly ultra rare, but nonetheless a cool looking card.
The 3-color patch is numbered to a decently low 35, while the autograph is unnumbered.
I wish Topps used different pictures for different cards, but it seems that (at least for Rienzo) this is not the case....

Let's move on to the next (and last, I promise) Topps Tribute card, a card that I'm pretty proud of own, because it depicts an Italian player, and one that I really like, Jason Grilli of team Italy (and Pittsburgh Pirates as well)

Two more autographed cards to conclude this post, one from 2012 Golden Moments and the second from this year's Museum Collection, welcoming in my collection Brad Peacock and Felix Doubront!

As you can (I hope) see, only the Doubront is numbered, in this case to 399

Now that I see them all together I realized that this has been a very pitcher-oriented post!!

What do you think about this additions?

Best regards ane keep collecting!

domenica 4 maggio 2014

This week in my mailbox episode 2

Hi everybody!

Here's the second episode of "this week in my mailbox", featuring some new additions to my growing autographs (expecially Topps Tribute and Retired autographs) collection!

Here's the first pair of cards, adding two new features to the World Baseball Classic Set from 2013 Topps Tribute, these are Nelson Cruz (not numbered) and a numbered to 35 Adam Jones Bronze version

Next up another pair of cards from a set that I'm slowly trying to put together, the 2005 Topps Retired Autographs set, this time I received Grady Little and Charlie Hayes!

Is there anybody that likes these two sets and is trying to complete them?

And to conclude this post I'll show a nice patch I received this week, this time is a numbered, non autographed card of Mr Rod Carew! I really like it and I also got it for a cheap price, thanks eBay!

The card is from the 2013 Topps Prime Patches set, vert cool 3 color piece of fabric!

What do you think of my recent pick-ups?

Best regards from Italy and keep collecting!