domenica 4 maggio 2014

This week in my mailbox episode 2

Hi everybody!

Here's the second episode of "this week in my mailbox", featuring some new additions to my growing autographs (expecially Topps Tribute and Retired autographs) collection!

Here's the first pair of cards, adding two new features to the World Baseball Classic Set from 2013 Topps Tribute, these are Nelson Cruz (not numbered) and a numbered to 35 Adam Jones Bronze version

Next up another pair of cards from a set that I'm slowly trying to put together, the 2005 Topps Retired Autographs set, this time I received Grady Little and Charlie Hayes!

Is there anybody that likes these two sets and is trying to complete them?

And to conclude this post I'll show a nice patch I received this week, this time is a numbered, non autographed card of Mr Rod Carew! I really like it and I also got it for a cheap price, thanks eBay!

The card is from the 2013 Topps Prime Patches set, vert cool 3 color piece of fabric!

What do you think of my recent pick-ups?

Best regards from Italy and keep collecting!

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