sabato 3 settembre 2016

Big Papoy hits a Homerun!

Last week I was informed by my parents that two packages arrived at their home.
I was waiting for a small package from Amazon, but I wasn't able to figure out what the second package could be.

Then I realized that Kevin aka The Card Papoy sent me a package the week before and I was immediately hooked by curiosity train and couln't wait to see the content.

First I apologize if it took me a whole week to post about this lot, but work is back in my life and today is the first day so far that I can invest on cards and blogging.

Then, I'd like to thank Kevin for the generous package, filled with more than 60 cards from a wide variety of sets, many of them totally new to me.

So here are some of the cards he sent to the other side of the Alps...

2015 Topps Gypsy Queen Christian Yelich

A Yelich Relic! I really like cards like this, and I mean thick relics featured in mini cards displayed in bigger frame-like cards...I think that Gypsy Queen and A&G are the best in this type of cards. Recently also Panini tried to imitate them in the Diamond Kings sets, but I prefer Topps better.

1986 Topps Quacker Chewy Don Mattingly

Let's admit it, it's not the best shot of Donnie Baseball around, first of all no iconic moustches, then the look on his face could be perfect for a Tori Amos album cover, but hey I love baseball cards, and this odd ball set is something totally new to me, so I am very happy to add this card to my collection.

1994 Collector's choice Michael Jordan

This card is self-explaining in my opinion. A basketball player will keep playing his game even when he should be playing baseball. But it's an iconic card from one of the biggest names in sports, so thank you very much Kevin for providing this piece of history.

2011 Topps Lineage Mickey Mantle

This is in my opinion a very nice product, a set that features both players from the past and stars from (then) today, without the old timers being extremely rare or shortprinted cards. This was a cool set, that obviously Topps decided to stop producing after one year. I might even consider to buy a box of this product to see if I can complete the base set. Together with this nice Mick card were also Hammerin' Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth. 

2013 Topps Chrome Close Connection Jose Reyes

2014 Bowman Chrome Fire Die Cut Jonathan Gray

These last two cards are new to me, I mean I saw pulling some of the Bowman die cuts in youtube videos, but these two are actually the first specimens of their kind I hold in my hands.... and I must say that they are very cool!
I had some troubles in putting the Reyes into the penny sleeve but apart from that, I want to thank Kevin so very much for his act of colecting kindness. Obviously I will continue my Saturday morning by searching cards to send his way.

One last info for European collectors that were afraid that team bags and toploaders were nowhere to be found in our continent, I am very happy to inform them that I recently picked up both the products from Amazon! So no more buying them from US ebay sellers and wait weeks to receive them, without speaking about the insanely high costs!

Thank you very much Kevin for the cards, you made my return from holidays much sweeter!

Have a nice weekend everybody and Keep Collecting!