venerdì 26 agosto 2016

Just Zistling around

Here's the question:

What does a card collector when he/she has no new cards to organize or catalog?
He/she organizes/catalogues old cards!

This is why I'm planning to spend some time in the coming days/weeks in adding new cards to my collection on Zistle.
I hope this will make easy to find and setup new trades with members of the website, even if I already have a detailed wantlist in form of checklists available on this blog.

I decided to embark in this epic quest today, after a collector on Zistle said that a trade would have been very hard to arrange if he had no visibility of what are the cards I am looking for.
This is as obvious as it can be, except for me apparently.

Having all these checklist here isn't much useful for possible new trading partners that do not use Blogspot, but instead are very active on Zistle... and in order to ease the activity of verifying what could help me fill in some gaps, I decided to replicate on Zistle the wantlists.

When I first joined Zistle I decided to use it mainly to virtually replicate my collection, and to make it more easy and keep track of everything the rule was to add cards to the virtual collection only for the completed sets.

I broke my own rule today as I started to massively load all my Allen & Ginter cards (the non auto and non relic ones at least) and generating the corresponding wantlists by exception, so even faster than I thought.

If anybody reading this blog is interested in a different sight at my wantlists, and a partial look at my collection, can have a look at my profile on Zistle, Italiancomplestist.
Also feel free to add me to your contacts and message me!

But wait, what kind of Baseball Cards blog has a post without pictures of Baseball Cards?
Not this one fur sure, so here are some more cards patiently waiting in my mailbox at COMC.

2009 Topps Unique Jumbo Jersey Relic of CC Sabathia #'d to 40

Thankfully this card, despite the set name, isn't just plain jersey, but rather has a nice chunk of patch from his days as a Brewer.

2012 Playoff Prime Cuts Century Gold Justin Upton #'d to 25

Another nice patch featured on this card, unfortunately it's pretty hard come by cards from this set on ebay (at least for a reasonable price), so this came from a deal I got on Instagram.

2016 Topps Museum Meaningful Material Prime Relics Ian Kinsler #'d to 50

The super long name of this set essentially stands for "nice patches", this came together with the Chapman I showed in my previous post, and again was an Instagram deal.

I am very happy of this second post in two days, it looks like I'm getting back to normal activity on this humble little blog.

Keep collecting, CIAO!

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  1. Nice Sabathia, well done, grats ! Zistle feels like too much work for now for me :-)

    1. Thanks Jeroen!
      And I totally agree with you, I embarked in a task that seems impossible, but if the Wantlist / Tradelist functionalities of Zistle will work the way I figured them out, I hope to find plenty of cards I don't have and get rid of some of the thousands of doubles laying around! I'll let you know if the thing works!