giovedì 3 novembre 2016

Set fails pt.1

What's set fails?

Basically a review of some of the sets that I consider to have failed in the collectors market or community.
The concept of failure in this case is basically derived from the lack of reference to these sets in the blogs I read, the scarcity of cards posted on Instagram (where I'm a very active member) and even the difficulties a collector will face in tracking down the cards comprised in these sets.

The best part of it, is that I will show the cards I own from these sets (like I do in the show and tell series of posts), to prove that at least I gave these sets a try....

For the first episode of this new section, I picked up a product issued by Topps in 2011, and that had no further issues, apparently because the market didn't received it very positively, or maybe because it was replaced by a similar product, that proved to be more successful (in my opinion it's been replaced by Museum Collection).

The set I'm about to present is 2011 Topps Marquee!

This product was sold in boxes containing 4 mini boxes, each one with a single pack inside (first resemblance with Museum collection), and every pack offered 5 cards.
So far nothing strange.
As far as I know, this was the first Topps product to feature metal framed cards (second aspect recycled in Museum).
The set offered a wide range of signed and relic cards, the most notable probably being the "Titanic Threads Patch relic".

But don't worry, I won't show cards from this sick subset, instead I'll show 5 cards, that's all I have... I think this might be useful to have a flavor of what the subsets were like...

2011 Topps Marquee Monumental Markings Autographs

MM-BWA Brett Wallace #ed to 570

MM-DS Drew Stubbs #ed to 570

MM-JT Jose Tabata #ed to 570

2011 Topps Marquee Gametime Mementos

GMQR-46 Nelson Cruz #ed to 199

GMQR-5 Mark Teixeira #ed to 199

That's everything I have from this sometimes forgotten and sometimes obscure set.
I am very well aware that is not a ton of cards, but probably even if I showed more the fate of this product wouldn't change.

Maybe in the future I'll try to find some more cards from Topps Marquee, but now it's time to end this short but at the same time veeeery long post (it took me several weeks to complete it due to a long list of reasons), and focus on what could be the next set to feature in this new series... Set fails!

Keep collecting and see you soon!

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