sabato 14 giugno 2014

This week in my mailbox episode 5

Hello everybody!

I'm back after a couple of weeks of non-posting, not because of the absence of deliveries to my doorstep, as you're about to see,but mainly because of work and because I was waiting for two boxes that I purchased on DAcardworld two weeks ago.

This post will only focus on the ebay pickups recently received, while the boxes and their hidden treasures will be posted in a separate post.

So, as I'm borinlgy repeating in every post since I started this blog, I'm focusing on the 2013 Topps Tribute WBC set, and the next are some of the more recent additions to the collection, and all come from the bay of E, and I think that every card costed more on S&H than the card itself (the problems related to living oversea!)...

Let's start with the un-numbered cards

- Yovani Gallardo auto

- Fernando Rodney auto (hate the Topps sticker)
- Derek Holland auto

Then some numbered cards, mixing patches and autos!

- Ross Detwiler auto #'d to 25
- Derek Holland auto #'d to 50

- Wandy Rodriguez auto #'d to 50

- Jimmy Rollins 2 color patch #'d to 101

- Edwin Encarnation 3 color patch #'d to 50

- Jameson Taillon plain red patch #'d to 35

This is it for the WBC loot, buut before I end this post, two more pickups not Tribute related, a Brad Lidge 4 color patch from 2009 Topps Unique numbered to 99 and a Gio Gonzalez Triple Threads 13 pieces of red jersey numbered to 18.

And that's all for this post!

Hope you liked the cards, and see you very soon on my next post, with the first box break! 

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