sabato 14 giugno 2014

DAcardworld deliveries!

This is my first post non related to ebay pickups, and I'm happy to present you.....


And the product that I received is.....


I know, I'm becoming more unpredictable every week, but I'm very into this product, and I decided to combine the costs incurred in 10/12 ebay pickups (bidding and S&H), which is the equivalent number of hits contained in two boxes, and invest in a sealed product that guarantees you four autos and two patches in every box, which is very helpful when you're chasing the completion of the set (at least the not numbered versions of the autos and patches).

Only thing that disappointed me was the time passed between the shipment notice and the delivery, since I chose the 3-day delivery service (offered also for international customers), and the package arrived after ten days.

But let's get to the cards, before showing them to you separately, a panoramic view of what I got

Let's present them in detail shall I?

Probably the best hit was this Xander Bogaerts patch, numbered to 35 but with 6 colors on it!

I found 3 more patch cards, two of them being numbered to 131, a 3 color Justin Morneau and a 2 color Robinson they are!

And a Fernando Rodney numbered to 50 patch with 3 colors was also included in the packs!

While among the autographed cards, in my opinion the hit has been the first one I'll show in a sec, followed by the Rienzo...

Adrian Gonzalez auto (not numbered)

and the Rienzo auto is numbered to 25 (which is also his jersey number)

The remaning autographed cards I'm presenting are in no particular order, and consider that two of the following are double, which means that I'm officially offering them for trade if anyone is interested!

Brandon Phillips auto #'d to 35, Nelson Cruz auto #'d to 50, and the not numbered autos of Jose Berrios, Jameson Taillon, Jason Grilli and R.A. Dickey!

The cards that I'm willing to trade are the Jason Grilli and the R.A. Dickey autographs, so if you're interested please contact me and let's set a trade!!

I also put togehter 44 base cards, with no doubles (phew) but also no parallel versions, but I already set up a 30something order on COMC to fill-in some spaces in the base cards checklist....

Hope you liked this post and the cards showed, 

Keep collecting and Ciao from Italy!

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  1. Thank you very much Jeroen!
    I really liked your soccer post, and congratualation for the great win over Sapin, you also avenged Italy after the last European cup final lost.
    This august when I'll be in the White Plains cardd show, I'll keep an eye on Glavine and Blyleven cards for your collection!