venerdì 18 luglio 2014

This week in my mailbox episode 6

Hello everyone!

I'm back after a couple of weeks of silence, because (as usual) I had plenty of work to do, nut packages continued to arrive at my doorstep, and in this post you'll be updated about my WBC set chase and some other nice cards recently arrived.

The sources for the cards vary from ebay to COMC, with my first purchase ever, and I'm very happy with it!

First, a couple of 2013 Tribute WBC, patch cards to be more specific..
Asdrubal Cabrera 33-colour patch numbered to 131 and Ross Detwiler 3-colour patch numbered to 50


And now it's time for some autographs, in no particular order, but still very useful to pursue the completion!

I got Jose Berrios, Asdrubal Cabrera, the two versions of Ross Detwiler, Derek Holland and Miguel Montero none of them being numbered. And also a Glen Perkins numbered to 25.
As I mentioned before, some of the cards are from the bay of E, and some from COMC, from the same site and together with the autos I got a good number of base cards.
I will soon upload the checklist to give you an idea of the completion status of this great set.

Now, let's move on to something different, with three (in my opinion) beautiful cards, all from ebay, and very different one from another.

First is a  2014 Topps Museum jersey card, depicting Alex Gordon and numbered to 35!

Next, a booklet, the first I own, and very nice also! It features two Yankees autographs, both with a piece of pinstripe...they're Joba Chamberlain (second auto of him in my collection) and Robinson Cano (actually a former Yankee)...oh, and did I mention that the card is numbered to 39 and it's from 2009 Ticket to Stardom? Here it is...

And now, to conclude this post with a vintage touch, a fantastic 1909-1911T206 Piedmont Cigarette Card depicting Mr. George Stovall, what do you think about it?
I know it's a bit off-centered, but for a piece of cardboard that old I would say it looks pretty nice right?

I'm counting down the days before the White Plains show in august...

Best regards from Italy and keep collecting!

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