sabato 26 dicembre 2015

...aaaaaaand it's gone

So, also for 2015 Christmas is behind us...with all the dinners and lunches full of relatives and more food than we could eat..or at least this is how the last three days have been for me!

But Christmas also brought me a lot of cards, given to me from my girlfriend, who carefully cherrypicked them off COMC. In fact there are only 2015 Tier One Relics in the lot, and to be precise there are 35 different cards, that allow me to be only 18 cards away from completing the whole set!
It's an amazing present, and I admit that it would have taken me several months to put it together with my usual policy and using ebay... the lot in fact includes big names such as Tom Glavine, Randy Johnson, Bo Jackson, Chipper Jones and many more. (you can see the current coverage of the set here ).

Taking advantage of the time lag that separates me from the fellow US collectors, I tried to snag some more nice stuff off ebay. In fact, while they were still sitting around the table or opening their presents, I was already searching the bay to look for nice cards no one else could possibly bid on...
And I was able to pick up some very cool pieces of cardboard, some of them autographed, other carrying pieces of jersey or patches, and even a couple cards that are simply parallels or short prints.

Before the start of the Holidays I received a couple cards that I won as a lot, and since they went through the whole COMC processing routine, I can show them hereunder...

They both come from 2015 Topps High Tek, and are the only cards I have so far from the set, but are so nice that I might consider chasing some more of them in the coming weeks..
The cards are both autographs, and to my surprise, none is numbered. Here come Sonny Gray and Edgar Martinez!

Happy Holidays and keep colleting!!!

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