domenica 3 gennaio 2016

New post

Well, now that the new year has arrived, I feel like it's time to look back at the 2015 season to check how it's been.

I'm very satisfied about the way that the blog looks today, with the sections recapping some of the sets that I'm actively chasing, and most importantly, I'm extremely proud of the wantlists that I finally managed to put together after so many attempts and years of collecting (I might be wrong but I think I've been collecting since 2008, so I'm entering my ninth year in this amazing hobby).

I posted the incredible number of 24 posts, versus 15 that were posted in 2014. It's a decent improvement, but I still feel like I could have done better (or should I say more)...

So my goal for this new year is to at least double the posts of 2015, reaching hopefully the 50 posts mark.

I don't think that I will buy enough cards and in a way so constant throughout the whole year, but I will think about something different from the usual "here's what I got recently"to fill 49 more posts.

I've received a nice stack of cards from 2015 Tier One relics set for Christmas, but at the same time, I bought some goodies for myself off ebay (I will show some of them later).

I hope everybody in this beautiful community is fine, and has began the new year in a great way.
Speaking of other collectors, I might also try to be more active under a trading perspective in this new year, despite I completed several trades in 2015 and found new collecting and trading partners, especially here in the old Europe.

I'm considering wehter or not pick up a pricey card off ebay, that would help me complete the 2012 Topps Base set, this would be against my policy, but sooner or later I will have to face the fact that such a card is impossible to win for a dollar on auction, and there's no way that I will ever buy a box of 2012 topps just hoping to pull it...I guess that we will see...

So, as I promised before, here's some new cards that are sitting in my COMC mailbox!

First is a dual relic card, and features a bat piece (pretty unusual considering that the card depicts a pitcher) and a really sick patch (which is the reason why I bought it). Here's a 2005 Donruss Zenith Z-Combos Prime numbered to 25 of A.J.Burnett!

I really like the patch on it, but the shiny metal finishing of the card is a bit disturbing, especially when it comes to scanning it!
Next is an autographed card, from a set that I really like, especially when it comes to autographs.. I'm talking about 2014 Topps Stadium club and this signature was executed by Livan Hernandez

I tried a couple times to win a card signed by him (but it was both times from 2015 Tier One) so I'm happy to finally add his auto to the collection.

The last card that I will post for today is a pair of cards! Same player, same type of cards (autos) and same ebay seller that I bought 'em from.
So the player is a Mexican pitcher that I like, and that is also featured in the 2013 Topps Tribute WBC set, and since it's not Sergio Romo, it can only be Yovani Gallardo!

The auctions for these ended at a ridicolous 0.25 $ a piece, and I've been more than happy to take them from the seller...the first card is from 2010 Topps Finest Moments Autographs, while the second comes from 2007 Bowman Sterling, and is also the Rookie card of Gallardo.
None of them is numbered, but the blue ink on them is enough for me!

I hope you like the cards and contents of this post, and I wish you all a great 2016!

Keep collecting!!

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