domenica 3 gennaio 2016

I'm officially a big spender!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was uncertain about an "expensive" purchase of a card that would have been very useful for my chase for completeness. In this case, the completeness of the 661 card set which is 2012 Topps Base set.

Well, as the title suggests, I dediced to buy it...the reasons could be briefly recapped as follows:

- I won't buy a box of Topps 2012 just hoping to find this particular card;
- The same card was also available on COMC, but at a higher price;
- It's a card that I can not even hope to find inside a mixed cards lot off ebay;
- The total I paid for it is 10.50 $ shipping included, which is pretty reasonable considering that with this particular card I can write the 2012 Topps set off my wantlist, and focus on the remaining 10.000 sets from various manufacturers that I'm still chasing...

The card I picked up is represented here below, and the picture comes directly from the ebay auction..

It's the card number 661 from the Base set of 2012 Topps.
It is also the Rookie card of Bryce Harper, and is also available in 2 other variants / shortprints (if I correctly unterstood the Wikipedia page dedicated to this card), not mentioning the Autographed version of it and the cards included in the Update set.

Considering the big step that this cards allowed, maybe I can treat myself right every now and then and purchase some more "expensive" cards in the future...

Keep collecting folks!


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