giovedì 28 gennaio 2016

In the bullpen

Good morning/evening everybody!

Today I'm going to post some nice pics of cards currently in my mailbox, all bought from eBay, and obviously, as suggested by the title, depicting pitchers...

I'm starting with a nice set of three cards, one autograph, a game used jersey and a patch card...all come from different sets, two produced by Topps and one by SP.

Let's go in a sort of ascending order from the least "precious" card to the highest priced card. The prices come directly from the suggestions that COMC makes for each card in the mailbox (except for those "unique" items in the database/marketplace).

The least worthy card is the patch card (quite a surprise for me), and manufactured by SPx in 2007, included in the set Winning materials gold patches, and also numbered to 99!
It's a beautiful (in my opinion) 4 color patch of James Shields

This wonderful card is priced at 3 $ on COMC. Considering that I won the auction on eBay for a dollar, and summing up the shipping fees and the processing fees of the mailbox, I would have spent less by buying it directly on COMC!

The second most (or least, depending on the point of view) expensive card of this trio, is the autograph card. Wow that's a twist! You're probably now wondering what kind of crazy jersey piece will be featured in the most pricey card of this post... you're going to be very surprised!

So, the card in the second place in this trio comes from 2013 Topps Tier One On the rise autograph, it's numbered to 399 (which is a very high number), and it's valued between 3.9 and 7.5 dollars.
In this case, the total paid for card, shipping and processing falls in the middle of the top and bottom prices suggested. The autograph belongs to "Nasty" Nate Eovaldi.

And now, the most valuable card of this post, valued at a whopping 8.24 dollars, is the card that you would never's the regular grey jersey piece, that could belong to every player, and included in every set ever produced.
In this particular case, the jersey belonged to Johnny Cueto, and is included in 2013 Topps Tribute to the stars set. Maybe what makes the card so valuable is the fact that the card is numbered to just 50... who knows!

I hope you liked the theme of this post, and especially the cards featured in it... soon I'll post some more pitcher-themed posts!

Let me know what you think and as usual, keep collecting!


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