domenica 3 gennaio 2016

Let's keep posting!

Wow what a start, it's already the second post of the year and it's just the 3rd of January!
I know that also the previous post was written today (I published it 2 minutes ago to be precise), but I feel like I want to share some more toughts with my readers (or reader, probably)...

Since the collection has been recently moved from the apartment to the basement due to space issues, and I bought and built a showcase that is still sadly empty, I spent a couple weeks thinking about a solution for the cards currently in the collection, and those (hopefully many more) that will join it in this new year.

So, this was the previous situation:

- all the relics/autos/graded cards are in boxes/drawers in the "hobby room";
- all the cards that are not relics/autos/graded are stored in my monster boxes (that I showed in an older post in its shelf);
- such boxes are fully loaded and have been moved in the basement (not before I securely packed them with cellophane);
- I have no more empty boxes and penny sleeves, and both of these useful items are very hard to find, especially on ebay, and buying them from DAcardworld would cost like a month of my rent just for the shipment;

Since just a single lot of cards that I could buy on ebay in the near future could be very tough to manage in the above boxes, and I would have no penny sleeves (because every single card of the collection MUST be at least penny sleeved), what to do?

Here's the solution!

Even if it could appear sort of a non-sense, the solution is in fact pretty simple...

1) Buy binders and pages; DONE (thanks to Santa Clause, aka my girlfriend);
2) Take out from the monster boxes only the complete sets that I've been able to complete so far and store them in the binders. In this way I not only clear space in the boxes for new cards, but I also can recycle penny sleeves, since the Ultra Pro pages (and probably all the others existing) are not wide enough to keep the cards sleeved. DONE (in fact so far I only completed a couple sets and some small insert sets from the 90s);
3) In this way part of the collection is back in the apartment, in a form that is also pretty cool from a design / furnishing point of view.

But (hopefully), sooner or later also the binders will be too many and the problem will reappear...but it's the kind of problem that I can't get enough of, since we're talking about huge amounts of cards!

Before I end this posts, maybe I can show a couple more cards that I bought in December...

First card is from 2001Upper Deck Legends Legendary Game Jerseys and is a pants (so not jersey at all) piece of Dave Winfield

Then is the next card, that is not included in the specific 2013 Tribute WBC page simply because it is a subset that I'm not actively chasing, due to the high prices and way to extensive variety of cards that it would require. It's nonetheless from 2013 Topps Tribute WBC, but it's a base card, but it's in the numbered version. It's Philippe Aumont gold version numbered to 25!

So here it is for the second post of 2016!
Best regards to everyone from Italy and KEEP COLLECTING!!

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