lunedì 4 gennaio 2016

Keep on completing!

Good evening (if you're reading this post from Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania) and good morning (if you're in the American continent)!

I don't know if it's because today is my last holiday before returning to work tomorrow, or is just my collecting nature, but I decided to look for a couple key cards in order to complete some more sets...

The sets I'm focusing on are those that I'm the most close to complete, such for example 2010 Upper Deck. This is sort of an historical set because is the last year in which Upper Deck produced baseball card. I'm obviously not considering products like Goodwin Champions and World of Sports, but the good old fashioned baseball card sets.

So, in order to complete this set, the only missing card until ten minutes ago was the #491, depicting David Price in Tampa Bay uniform. Not a particular card at all, but it seemed the hardest to find in this set, that I can now declare complete!

Here's the card I'm talking about

For the more curious of you, I paid it 35 cents, which is totally ok considering the card that it is and in line with my price policy.

The second set closest to completion is 2006 Topps, of which I was missing 2 cards.
Since one of the two cards is the infamous Alex Gordon rookie card (you know, the one that is either cut out, entirely blank except for the golden border or even available in the old fashioned regular version), I could only focus on the other missing piece.

I'm talking about the card #508 featuring Dan (or Danny) Haren in the Athletics uniform, here it is

Once again, not a particular card at all, except for the fact that has been very elusive until today.
The price for it? 45 cents!

So today, for a total expense of 70 cents, I completed a set, a narrowed down to one missing card another set.

I don't know why it took me so long to realize the incredible and helpful potential of COMC, you don't pay for the shipping, you don't to wait for the card to arrive, and apparently there are no processing fees at all, since the card is already present in the database.

A great day has been!

Thank you all for taking the time to read this post, and see you soon!


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