venerdì 29 gennaio 2016

Closing time!

So I'm closing this series of posts (I'm also running out of titles connected to piching) by showing you probably one of the best cards that I recently picked up. It's one of the best because:

- it features 3 autographs on it!
- all the autos are from at-the-time Yankees players
- it's very shiny

I'm out of reasons but I'm pretty sure you're going to agree with me that this is a pretty cool piece of cardboard...

The card comes from 2008 Topps Co-signers, and it's the first Tri-signers card that joins my collection.
As I said, there are 3 Yankees on it, despite none of them (as far as I know) is still wearing the pinstripes.
One of the players has also been involved in PED use scandal, and no, there's no A-ROD autograph on this card...

The last detail I'm giving about it is related to the numbering of the card...which is nowhere to be found... I will never understand the logic (if there's one) behind the choiches made by card companies when it comes to number cards. Come on, how could you not number a card like the one that I'm about to show?!

There's so much shine on this card that I'm barely able to look at it without my sunglasses on!

Funny thing about it is that I already owned autographs of every player featured on this card, since I have 2 Joba autos (one is in a dual auto booklet from Topps Ticket to stardom and the other is from Upper Deck), I have a Topps Turkey Red Chrome card signed by Melky (the one that apparently used PEDs) and I'm pretty sure I also have something signed by Hughes.

That's it for today

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