lunedì 18 gennaio 2016

Some honorable mentions part 1

What deserves a mention in this post is a selected list of autographs / relics sets  that I'm considering to actively chase besides the more advertised 2013 Tribute WBC and 2015 Tier one relics.
Since the wanted cards from those sets show up rarely on ebay, despite the significant number of cards that could help fill in some spaces in the checklists, I could begin looking for some other sets, instead of running after every nice and unexpensive card that I see.

A set that could be fun to chase is 2014 Panini Immaculate. It's a set of which I already own some cards, the complexity could be the choice of the theme to collect. I currently have some cards from every (non patch or autographed) subset.
I'll try to show an imagine of cards from each subset, depicting a card I already have, and maybe my readers could help me decide which one is better. I'll also add the current completion status and the population of every subset, and possibly the numbering of the cards.

2014 Panini Immaculate offers the following themes:

- Immaculate Collection: Immaculate Hitters (Currently owned 4 of 25, numbered to 10,49,79,99)

- Immaculate Collection: Immaculate Pitchers (Currently owned 2 of 15, numbered to 49,79,99)

- Immaculate Collection: Immaculate Swatches (Currently owned 6 of 95, numbered to 15,25,49,99)

- Immaculate Collection: Singles Materials Prime  (Currently owned 5 of 38, numbered to 25,49,79,99)

- Immaculate Collection: Premium Materials  (Currently owned 2 of 41, numbered to 49,79,99)

As you can see, lots of great cards, but so far very few in my collection..should I try to put together at least one of these?
Soon another post of possible new sets that are currently teasing my collecting appetite!

Keep Collecting and CIAO!

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  1. Interesting. What do you think of no logo debate? I am not a fan. I like the logos and the team names so don't plan to buy any modern sets other than Topps.

    1. Hi Matt!
      I like these cards because they carry pretty nice chunks of fabric, and sometimes nice patches. And also, Panini being Italian, I feel a sort of patriotism in advertising and collecting its products.
      I listened to some very negative comments about Panini's customer care service though, which is very sad....
      Btw, your package is almost complete and hopefully will soon depart!
      Have a nice daY