martedì 17 maggio 2016

Oh Zistle, where have you been?

It's probably always been there, but I was too lazy to check it out...

But thanks to the request of a new possible European trading partner called Paul, I finally joined the vast community of

So far I just added a handful of thousands of cards, but I think this will be an interesting activity in the coming weeks... probably the most funny thing to do will be update as many missing pictures as possible, and watch the digital collection grow and hopefully reach the proportions of the real one..

Whoever is a Zistle user, please feel free to contact me, I'm always very curious to peep other collector's collections!

My username is Italiancompletist, just to avoid the risk of being confused with a different collector based in Italy, and that tries to complete as many sets as possible...

Speaking if which, since there will be no more need of my low quality, excessively uncomfortable for the user, scans. So I will soon delete the page and the links to dropbox, that will still be used as a repository for my wantlists...

I also recently received the last package from COMC, with the cards I picked up from ebay during February and early March, so I'm going to show my favorite card from that lot...tell me what you think!

2001 Topps Archives Autographs - Ralph Branca

Ciao and keep collecting!!!

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  1. Cool, i like zistle but dropped it because i thought it was too much work.....maybe i should give it another try !

    1. So far I'm still enjoying the aspect of contributing to the creation of a huge database, and that I can have an immediate glimpse at (a part) of my you still have an account?
      What about Instagram?