domenica 29 maggio 2016

Ooops I did it again!

I bought some more cards!
I bought them off COMC!
Some more completed sets...

Just try to imagine the above words on the music of the famous song of Britney...awful right?

So let's move to something we all love, baseball cards and set completing!
Since I earned some money on Paypal by selling old stuff, I decided it was time to buy some new stuff, and what better place to do it than COMC?
At first I was tempted to have a look at ebay, but then I thought, "on COMC I wouldn't have to pay shipping, processing fees and there's no possible negative outcome as an average auction", so there was not much discussing about what was the most smart thing to do...

I decided to focus on two main goals:
- try to complete some of the sets that were the closest to completion;
- spend some money on 2013 Tribute WBC cards to mark some cards off of the wantlist

For the first goal, I'd say that I did pretty well, in fact I completed the following sets, by picking up the cards depicted (I'm not listing all the cards I bought to complete every set, but maybe a couple from each one)

- 2008 Topps Heritage Then and Now (# of cards I was missing: 3)

# TN2 Ernie Banks and Alex Rodriguez

- 2011 Topps Opening Day Presidential First Pitch (# of cards I was missing: 1)

# PFP3 Calvin Coolidge

- 2011 Topps Opening Day Spot the error (# of cards I was missing: 1)

# 3 Jose Bautista

- 2014 Bowman Prospects (# of cards I was missing: 5)

# BP25 Kris Bryant

- 1992 Fleer Ultra (# of cards I was missing: 4)

# 82 Jaime Navarro

- 2011 Topps 60 Years of Topps: the lost cards (# of cards I was missing: 4)

# 60YOTLC3 Mickey Mantle

# 60YOTLC10 Stan Musial

The Bryant was definitely the most expensive card of the lot, with a price of almost 4 dollars, but I expected an even higher price due to the hype surrounding him, so I thought it was a fair price.
I've also checked some cards off the wantlists of other sets such as 2011 Topps Opening Day, 2011 Topps Opening Day Superstars Celebrations, 2012 Topps A cut above, plus all the base 2013 Tribute WBC I picked up, and even some autos and relics from the set...

So stay tuned (I'd say about one month from now) for the update in the Tribute WBC checklists and keep collecting!


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