mercoledì 25 ottobre 2017

Dear Santa please...

..bring me a scanner for Christmas!!!

For the first time in months, this evening I came home from work hoping to be able to finally update this blog with some high quality (or at least decent) pictures of my cards.
The first bunch of cards that were to be scanned would have been my always growing 2013 Topps Tribute WBC set...
I am using the conditional, since my old, clunky scanner, cannot produce pictures of a quality good enough to replace the many pictures taken from COMC and currently on display.

So hopefully this Christmas I will receive (or probably buy) a nice, modern scanner that will allow a step up in the quality of this blog!

As you may notice, I added a background theme to the blog, and I couldn't think of a more appropriate picture than the logo of the World Baseball Classic 2013, since it has become my "obsession" in  the last months...

As of today, I have 63 patch cards out of the 70 in the checklist (for a total of 166 different cards if I include all the parallels) and 80 out of the 86 autographs available (129 if I count all the parallels I have). This brings the total different cards I have to 295 cards.
What can I say, I am in love with this set!!

I have to admit that the cards listed on ebay (at least those that have a reasonable price) are becoming scarce as months pass, but I still hope to be one day able to fill the empty spots in my checklist and complete it with at least a specimen of every card...

But enough chatting, let's show some cardboard ok?
Again, and hopefully for the last time, I will use the scans kindly offered (even tough I pay for them) by COMC.

The first card is a 2012 Playoff Prime Cuts patch card of Starlin Castro, it's numbered to 25, and it's even cooler considering that it cost me 1 cent... can you believe it? I love eBay whenever I get this kind of steals..

The next card could suggest what's currently on my mind (card wise at least), since it is a 2017 Topps Museum WBC card... and not a random card, but a team Italy relic card, coming from a jersey worn by Gavin Cecchini

Could this set become the next big thing in my collecting habits? We'll see!

The next and last card comes from 2016 Topps Tek, a nice set when it comes to the range and quality of players available, and I bet it is also hard as hell to scan!
My first autograph of Billy Wagner

It's cool to see the old Astros logo, and speaking of Astros, I was really hoping that the Yankees this year could reach the World Series, so I will have to root for the Astros now against the Dodgers...

Thank you very much for the time dedicated to this humble blog, and hopefully we'll meet again soon with some new cards and some decent pictures!

Keep collecting and good night!

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