sabato 3 marzo 2018

...and Santa delivered!

I am happy to say that Santa never disappoints!

Since December 25th I am the proud owner of a nice and very functional Canon scanner.
Obviously the first thing to do when you receive a scanner is scanning stuff right?

And if you know me a little, you already know what I've been scanning in the last weeks..
If you guessed 2013 Tribute WBC then you are totally right!

The proof of it can be found in the section of the blog dedicated to this beautiful set, that still today after almost four years since its release, keeps haunting me.

Hopefully by the time this post is published, I'll also finish scanning all the patch cards that I have in my possession (obviously there are more coming from my mailbox at COMC, but they won't arrive before a month).

Feel free to visit the page dedicated to my (by far) favorite set, and I'll try to post soon again with new and different cards, that I recently received and added to my growing collection!

Have a nice weekend and keep collecting!


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