giovedì 12 novembre 2015

Big organizational changes

As the title suggests, in this post I'm not going to show new cards, but rather talk about a major change that (if work allows) is about to impact the way my collection is stored and displayed...

In the last 10 months, since I moved into the new apartment, my collection was displayed in its entirety and for the first time ever, in a shelf unit with several layers, and wide enough to store two 5000 cards monster boxes side to side.

Here's a pic that shows it in all its magnitude.

The only cards not stored in the above structure, are the autos and relics cards, currently gathered in a wooden box with drawers, that allows me to divide them by type (i.e. autos, relics, patches) (2013 Tribute WBC has two drawers on its own due to the number of variants of every card).
But after all my summer pickups such box is way too small to contain all the autos and relics I have now, so I recently made the following decision...

I will move the shelf unit in the garage, and place a brand new glass showcase, that will allow me to display all (or at least the best) the autographed / graded / relic / iconic rookie cards that currently have no chance to be seen. The showcase has been already purchased, but I won't be able to assemble it before I move the shelf unit in the garage.

I am pretty sad for what I am about to do, but since space is one of the biggest limits a collector has (the other obviously being the money, or the total absence of card shops in your country), I decided for once to opt for quality over quantity, and I'm pretty sure the result won't disappoint me.

In the recent months, I've also started a massive card cataloging effort, that so far allowed me to almost catalog the entire collection. Once this activity will be over I'll start the moving process that will lead to the new showcase...and at the same time will produce a comprehensive and updated set of wantlists that will be uploaded somewhere on the internet to finally allow all the colletors worldwide that desperately ask themselves "what cards does he need to complete his sets?" or "how can I help him out, by sending a giant package of cards?" to figure out how to contribute to my quest for completion.

Since you've been kind enough to read my post until this point, I'm awarding you with a little recent pickup...a 2014 Topps Tribute to the Pastime auto numbered to 99 of Ben Zobrist

The ebay auction for this card depicted and described a 2013 Tribute WBC (which I would preferred), but then this card showed up at the mailbox so... 

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my blog today, remember to keep collecting and CIAO!!

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