lunedì 23 novembre 2015

Final october pickups

I swear I'm almost done with the organizational changes, which will lead to a much awaited wanlist section of my blog...

The new showcase is ready (it's been quite a pain to build it, but now I can say it was well worth it), and the last thing to do before the inauguration is finish with the cataloging activities of Upper Deck cards from 2002 - 2004 and 2000 sets and then I will be done with the most tough project since my collecting acitivity started.

I decided to post my very last pickups before I go on with the above activities also to verify what's still lying in my mailbox, and check what will be in the next shipment, that should depart approx. at the beginning of december, in order to guarantee at least a load of cards for Christmas.

As usual, these cards were picked up off ebay for very cheap.

First is a signed card from this year Stadium Club, is from a player of whom I had no autos or relics before, so welcome to Matt Williams! The card is not numbered but still very nice...maybe I opted for a sharper marker for the auto..

The next card is numbered to 75, and comes from 2010 Topps Finest, and it is also a refractor... it really surprises me reading that there are two cards like this for sale on COMC for 30 dollars, considering that I paid a pretty dollar for mine...which makes it even's the letter "S" patch signed by Drew Stubbs!
The next pair of cards costed me more than the average pickups, but considering we're talking about autographed cards of two Hall Of Famers, I can pay of couple more bucks for them...they come from 2015 Panini Cooperstown Hall of Fame Induction Signatures (a very nice set in my opinion), and feature Goose Gossage and Don Sutton autos, and they are (to my surprise) not numbered...
I almost forgot I have the following card one of those cards you pick up in order to amortize the shipping fees of ebay, and the processing fees of COMC as well... but it's still a nice card and I'm happy to have from 2014 Topps Museum and features a big chunk of white fabric of Jarrod Parker, plus it's numbered to 50, which is a nice it is

I have a total of 74 cards currently in my mailbox, with two more on their way (two very cool cards purchased off an Instagram user), but that have been delayed due to weather issues...
Considering that all the cards in the mailbox belonging to 2013 Tribute WBC and 2015 Tier One are directly added to the specific checklist pages (feel free to have a look at them), I don't think there's more stuff I can show, that hasn't been already posted...
So stay tuned for pics of the showcase and for the wantlists (hopefully) in the coming days and keep collecting!

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