sabato 13 dicembre 2014

The Dutch Package arrived

Hello collectors!

after a pacakge sent to Jeroen, The Dutch Card Guy some weeks ago, I received his package back, so now this it's officially a Trade!

Among the cards he sent (a big lot of cards), I selected some very nice examples, and here they are!

First a couple of game used cards, one is from 2014 Panini Game Gear (I'm proud of this italian brand), and it features a jersey piece of Andy Dirks from Detroit (Tigers). And the second is from 2014 Allen & Ginter, and it comes from a Jersey wore by Brian come the pics!

These are cool addition to my collection...I really like A&G when it comes down to memorabilia cards..

Next are some regular (but don't call them base), but very very cool cards I received together with the two they are!

Above is a nice die-cut card from 2012 Donruss Elite Extra of Clint Coulter, and it is numbered to 200! It is very cool right? The next is a 2014 Topps gold parallel version of one of the best rookies of the last season...I'm talkin' 'bout Jose Fernandez! And it is numbered to 2014...

The two Bowman cards that I'm about to show you are from a player very important to me, since they depict an italian player that had a discrete success in the Majors, and I'm talking about Alex Liddi, wearing the Italian Jersey in these cards from 2009 Bowman

To include in the post with some x-fracting effect, here's a 2014 Donruss Elite Domination numbered to 999 with Kung-Fu Panda on it! I don't know how Donruss calls this kind of effect, since especially Bowman, has baptized its parallel cards with some pretty weird names (in my opinion obviously), so I'll simply go with X-fractor... 

And the very last card for this post is a 2014 Topps Chrome of Ben Zobrist, and it's the beautiful black bordered version, numbered to just 100!

This is all for this post, as I said I had to chose a limited number of cards from a very huge package I received, and I have to thank my fellow european collector Jeroen, aka The Dutch Card Guy!

I bought myself a big lot of boxes from DACardworld, so after Christmas when they all will be busted I'll have some more cool stuff for you!

Stay tuned for some more cards recently received!

Best regards from Italy and....keep collecting!

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