sabato 13 dicembre 2014

Second DACard world box break!


After the first (and not very satisfying) participation in the box break of Topps Supreme, I decided to give a second try to this kind of experience...
And so I joined another box break the following week... This time it was a Case of 2014 Topps Triple Threads!!!!

The product sounded way to inviting to me and I immediately decided to buy a spot, this time it was a bit more expensive than the first time, but it's been also much more satisfying...

The team I've been paired with were the Cincinnati Reds!

As you're about to see it has been waaaay better than the Rockies Supreme break!

In my opinion the Reds have been the most hot team in the break, together with the Red Sox and the Braves...and here's a recap of  what I got, starting from the base cards

Two nice Johnny Bench (the second is numbered to 325) and a Joey Votto!
I think that the base cards have a nice look, even if they remind me too much of 2008 Upper Deck A piece of History...

A couple of game used cards were also pulled for my team, a Mat Latos Unity Jersey to 27, and a much cooler "Players Choice" jersey card of Todd Frazier, numbered to 27 as well!

A redemption card was also pulled, and obviously immediately redeemed..a Billy Hamilton jersey auto card numbered to 18! Yes, I lifted the Topps seal a bit to see the numbering.. cool looking card!

I also got a pair of Tony Cingrani cards, both with jersey pieces and Autograph, but one is numbered to 99 and the other to 50!

And there's more!

The following cards were also pulled, and the next is from (in my opinion) the most important player in the whole lot...Mr Joey Votto!
Here's the red jersey and sticker auto card of him! And also the first auto of him in my collection!

Almost forgot to say that the card is numbered to 99

The last card deserved this honor spot since it is numbered to just 3!
It is a Jersey-Patch-Jersey combo, together with an autograph of Brandon Phillips, numbered to just 3! Mine is 3/3 btw...very nice card!

That's all for the second, and very rich, box break I've ever joined!
10 cards total, 7 of them being hits!

A great break overall, and even greater from my personal point of view!

Before I finish, I must say that I'm very happy with my first experience with redemption cards, the Billy Hamilton arrived at my doorstep exactly two weeks after I wrote the code in the Topps Redemption website, and considering that I live oversea, well done Topps!

See you next time, maybe after all the boxes I got for Christmas have been opened and some more (hopefully) cool cards will be mine!

Best regards from Italy and keep collecting!

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  1. Thank you very much for the comment Jeroen, I'm sorry I havent' been updating my blog since december, but I'm pretty busy with the new job and the new house. I'm preparing a package for you that hopefully will soon be on its way to the Netherlands.
    I've been pretty active recently on instagram posting pictures of my new cards, do you use it?

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog -- I don't have your e-mail address though! Please shoot me an email at off(dot)hiatus(dot)baseball(at)gmail so we can talk about trading!

    Molto grazie!