venerdì 22 aprile 2016

A package full of obsessed cards

During this week I was informed by my parents that a "very small packet" arrived at their doorstep, and that I could pick it up whenever I wanted...

Well, we have a motto in Italy that sounds like "the small barrel contains the good wine"...

Nothing could be more appropriate, because I received a package full of pack fresh 2015 Topps Series One cards from Matt aka card obsessive collector, that sent his part of a trade started some weeks before, and in which I sent his way a bunch Yankees cards, ranging in years and manufacturers...

Here's what he sent me

First of all, the packet wasn't small at all, in fact it was stuffed with exactly 214 cards from the above set, and I'm pretty sure that the guy from Nottingham took the time to look at my checklists ( here ) and cherry picked cards not marked with the infamous "x". Not that the checklist showed many of them, since as at yesterday my 2015 Topps set consisted of exactly 9 cards!
Well, after I finished checking the content of the above package, the count was 222 cards!
Meaning that basically every single card he sent was very much needed, and obviously even more appreciated by me!

If you already haven't, you must immediately stop reading this post and browse to its blog, because it could lead to very interesting trades like the one that I just commented.

Thank you very very much Matt, I really appreciate the cards you sent, and even more the fact that our European Baseball card community it's starting to grow.
Or at least I should say that every collector that tought he (or she) was the only one having this beautiful hobby is starting to gain awareness of many others like him (her).

I'm looking forward to future trades with you all and by now I wish a great weekend to everybody, and remember to keep collecting!


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