sabato 16 aprile 2016


This is just a quick update on a card that I presented in a previous post, right here to be precise.

The card was submitted to BGS early January, and after more than three months of silence and no updates, I decided to ask for some assistance to the COMC assistance service.
What I discovered left me very disappointed at first, but then I realized it's not really that bad.

They informed me that since the card did not have an "authenticated" or "guaranteed" autograph on it, then BGS wouldn't :

- grade it;
- authenticate the signature

So I thought, what did I pay 12 dollars for?

I submitted the card exactly for that reason (have the signature authenticated).

Apparently, for COMC internal rules, a user should not be allowed to submit for grading a card that doesn't come with an authentication or guarantee already provided by the card manufacturer.
Since in my case the card was submitted the same, I received a total refund, so no big deal in the end.
Maybe I didn't fully understand what kind of service was provided there, or it wasn't explained clearly enough for a non english speaking user like I am, but again, it all was solved without problems.

If anyone of you uses the COMC mailbox (and I know for sure that someone does), be aware that an in person autograph, or something obtained TTM will not be submitted for grading.

I'm very happy that COMC acted so correctly and refunded me, and I'm going to keep recommending their mailbox service for sure.

Now, what should I do with the Ripken auto?

Only solution that comes to my mind is to keep it until I'll be able to visit a card show in the US (and I'm afraid it won't be soon) and have it (hopefully) certified there by PSA.

If you read my rant so far, thanks a bunch.

Have a great weekend and keep on collecting!


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