sabato 23 aprile 2016

Minimizing the gaps...and store credit

Since I received a refund from COMC after my Ripken auto wasn't authenticated by BGS, I decided to use that amount of money, plus the remainings of my "old" store credit to pick up some singles that could help me to complete sets that were almost finished.

I had a look at all my checklists and decided that I could try to complete some of the sets for which I was missing less than 10 cards, only if the missing cards could be picked up in COMC marketplace for a decent price (between 30 to 50 cents).

Here's what I got, and the sets I was able to finally complete!

2008 SP Authentic
I really like the SP Authentic sets, and to complete this one there was just a single card missing, so I decided it was the right time to write off this set from the list of the "non complete" sets.

# 90 Chieng Ming Wang

2007 SP Authentic
As per the previous, I really like the idea of sets consisting of 100 cards, with a nice design and made of thicker than the average cardboard. There were five cards that eluded me for too long, so they are now part of the collection, and there's already a binder ready for them..

# 10 Carlos Zambrano                                       # 11 Ken Griffey Jr

# 75 Francisco Rodriguez                                  # 81 Derek Jeter

# 100 Frank Thomas

1988 Topps K-Mart
I think these sets were distributed as complete, so you don't have to search for that one particular card missing in your set. That's not my case, since I got to just one card away from completion hand collating the set through blind ebay lots, so the last card could be an easy COMC pickup.

# 10 Dwight Gooden

1996 Upper Deck Hideo Nomo Highlights
Back in 1996 apparently Hideo Nomo was a sensation, and UD dedicated a mini set of 5 cards to the highlights of his career as a Dodger. Despite the small size of the set, there were still 2 cards missing in my checklist, and I'm very happy that I finally checked them!

# 1 Hideo Nomo                                                  # 4 Hideo Nomo

1988 Fleer MVP
Since I never completely worked out the fact that a sealed complete set was in fact not complete, and you can read the story here, I didn't mind the higher than average price of 1,5 USD and picked up the missing card of the set

# 21 Mark Langston

In the same spending and completing effort I picked up some other cards, but I'll save them for the next post, so that this one won't be too long.
I'm very happy for these 5 sets that I now can call "complete", and it is very satisfying how easy and cheap it was to pick up the missing pieces.

Thanks to everybody that's reading this post, have a great weekend!


P.S. I apologize for having said "set" so many times!
Keep collecting!

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