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Show and tell - Lesson 2

Before I start this new lesson of the Show and Tell themed series, I'd like to highlight that two weeks ago a great ball player and probably even greater broadcaster passed away, and he was also linked to Peanuts.

He was mentioned in several strips, and even written the foreword to a collection of Penauts strips all focusing on our favorite game (baseball) called Sandlot Peanuts.
I'm not going to show cards of this player though, but I tought it was right to pay a small hommage to this guy.

Something I really love about Upper Deck and still don't like that much about Topps is the quality of the patches and relics. UD issued some historic products with beautiful patches like UD Premier and UD Black, and in this post I'll show some cards from 2008 Upper Deck Premier!

If you're interested in some more infos about the product you can read this article

I just found that a pack of this product, containing seven cards, could be easily picked up on the internet for 300 I guess we can consider it a high-end product!
Maybe the price is connected to the possibility of pulling a redemption card that can be turned into an Historic  Autograph card? These cards, despite not been strictly baseball related, are very cool, because they carry a cut autograph of one of the Presidents of the United States.

But let's stick to the ball game, ok?

Among the many subsets this release had, the ones that I like the most, and I've been able to snag from eBay so far, are the Premier Patches and Premier Swatches subsets.
The sets feature beautiful patches, that could be two or three, but as you're about to see, they never disappoint!

Premier Patches 2 (# to 75)

PP2-EB Erik Bedard dual patch numbered to 75

Due to the "higher" numbering of the cards, apparently UD had to reduce the amount of patchness in the cards, but I don't feel like complaining, would you?

Premier Patches 2 (# to 65)

PP2-TS Takashi Saito dual patch numbered to 65

I wasn't able to find many informations about this variant numbered to 65, as well as the next two numberings, but still a very cool selection of patches, great job UD!

Premier Patches 2 (# to 57)

PP2-JS Johan Santana dual patch numbered to 57

This time, together with the numbering of the card, also the background color switched to a sort of emerald green..very cool indeed

Premier Patches 2 (# to 50)

PP2-TH Todd Helton dual patch numbered to 50

What more can I say? Except that the last two cards have the golden foil logos and impressions, while the previouses had them in silver...

Premier Swatches Silver (# to 50)

Feel free to correct the checklist references if you have more detailed informations, but due to scarcity of pictures in the websites I visited, this is the best information I can provide! Next time I'll do my homeworks before start posting!

PS-BR Brian Roberts triple patch numbered to 50

PS-BS Ben Sheets triple patch numbered to 50

PS-FS Freddy Sanchez triple patch numbered to 50

This subset went even beyond the beautiful patches seen before, by adding a third swatch to the card, man I really love this product!!

But wait, because 2008 UD Premier had also some nice jersey card sets, featuring great players and Hall of Famers, just have a look at the following card!

Premier Remnants Blue Silver (# to 75)

PR3-RJ Reggie Jackson Triple Jersey numbered to 75

It might not be a sick triple patch, but a triple jersey card of Mr October himself is something I'd pick up everyday...

Premier Penmanship Autographs (# to 50)

PP-JM John Maine autograph numbered to 50

Only autograph card I own from the 2008 UD Premier issue, but a very cool item if you ask me!

This is it for this very long post, I hope you liked it!
Please let me know if I should keep posting this kind of detailed posts, or if you prefer something more smartphone-friendly!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to read until now, keep collecting, please do it for me!


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  1. Nice cards. As I've said before I'm a massive Upper Deck fan. Just ordered a Ichiro base card from the 2002 set which I'll do a post on when it arrives.

    I don't mind the longer posts either so do whatever makes you happy.