domenica 20 marzo 2016

Fleer you're really disappointing me!

Even if I really like Fleer brand, and their 2000's products (especially stuff like Patchworks, Platinum Nameplates Teams and similar), I was really disappointed yesterday, when opening a sealed pack of 1988 Baseball MVP.

I got it as part of a bigger lot recently received, and as I said, it was perfectly sealed in its wrapping.

The set is made of 44 cards plus six stickers, depicting a stadium on one side, and a team logo on the other.

Here below are the scans of both front and back of the package.

There's one thing I invite you to consider, written in yellow and on the front side of the package.... found it? "Complete set inside each box !"...what does it mean to you?

To me, it means that you get 44 cards and 6 stickers in every box, am I right?

Then, please somebody explain me why I have 43 cards!

It's a true mystery, and I was so firmly convinced I received a complete set that i already started putting the cards in binder pages, ready to be scanned and loaded in the section of the blog dedicated to complete set but then..."Hey, there's a missing spot!"

The missing card is no. 21 Mark Langston, and believe me when I say that I carefully looked around the table and inside the box, even checked if two cards where stuck together due to the decades spent in the sealed package, but the card is nowhere to be found....
I checked on COMC and this card has a pricetag og 1,5 $, which is more than the price I usually pay for my autographs and relics, and I'm still deciding whether to buy it or not...

In the meantime here's a scan of it...

I know it seems stupid to be mad at late 80s quality controls of a defunct company, but still...

Well, my rant is over, have you ever had similar experencies with products deemed to be complete?

Have a great Sunday everybody and keep collecting!!


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