sabato 12 marzo 2016

Show and tell - Lesson 1

Welcome everybody to the first episode (or should I say lesson?) of this new series.

Q. "What will you show us?"
A. I'm not exactly sure....
Q."What will be told then?"

Let's just start this thing and see where it'll lead us ok?

A "Show and tell"deserving respect should be focused on a specific theme, and be supported by facts and figures, maybe even documents, that prove the worthyness of it.

Today I'm presenting you "2007 Upper Deck Exquisite", focusing on some autographs and relics that I proudly own.

Since this is the first post of its kind, I feel like I should start with the rookie themed cards in this beautiful set.

Exquisite Rookie Signatures - Next Generation 

Cards in this subset are numbered to 20 (except fot the 1 of 1s), and are horizontally oriented.
I really like the black and white and faded picture in the back, opposed to the close-up on the left side. The auto is a sticker, as I'm not aware of on-card autos in this set.

Exquisite Reflections

This time the cards are numbered to 40 (except the 1/1s) and feature a double sticker auto of players that could be teammates (like the Gardner - Lindstrom on bottom) or players from different teams (like the top card). The heads of the players seem to popup from the round frames in the corners, and I'm pretty sure that the coloring on the left side of the card has something to do with the team the players belong to (at least for the Marlins on the bottom one).

Exquisite Common Ground Signatures

Again, cards are numbered to 25, and carry a pair of sticker autos. I don't know why UD was repeating the same pairings in various subsets, but I guess for logistic reasons when they had to gather the autographs...who knows? Again, the couple Fred Lewis and Michael Bourne share the same card!

Exquisite All Rookie Team Signatures

Finally some vertical cards! These cards could be numbered to 20 (like the above Justin Hampson), to 15 (like the Travis Metcalf below), to 5 or to 1, but unfortunately I have no specimens to show for the last two print runs.

To be noted that the Hampson is the only card in this post that has the Upper Deck logo in golden foil, while the others have a silver foil logo.
Also for this subset, UD used sticker autos, the only flaw I can find in this amazing product. 

Exquisite Rookie Signature Materials 

This is by far my favorite Exquisite subset. The cards above are from the "Rookie Signature Materials" set, are numbered to 85, and feature 4 jersey pieces and a sticker autograph.

But these are my absolutely favs in the Exquisite roster of 2007. "Rookie Signature Materials Parallel Patch" should be their complete name, and as you can see, they come packed with 4 patches and a sticker autograph. The cards from this parallel set are numbered to 25, and I was only able to pick up two Joe Blanton cards, and I'm very happy about it...I mean, just look at the sick patches on the bottom card!!

That's all for the 2007 Exquisite , at least that's all I have to show and tell about!

I hope you liked this (very long) post, I wish you all a great weekend!


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