domenica 6 marzo 2016

The hiatus is now over!

As the title suggests, in this post I'll show some cards from a trade package I recently received from Anthony, aka Off Hiatus Baseball , in case you don't know his beautiful Brewers-themed blog, I invite you to visit it, and then you can come back here and thank me...

So, since he regularly updates his wantlists, I once decided to take the time to go through the boxes of cards I have for trade, and put together a nice lot of cards, cherrypicking whatever could help him to write something off the wantlists.

I don't remember exactly when it was (mid to late June circa), but when the cards arrived in Atlanta, he posted a great post that you can find here.

As I said, I recently received a countbox full of cards, and a note in which he apologizes for taking so long for completing the trade.

First of all, even before the cards I received, I want to make clear to Mr.Lehman that I'm extremely happy of the trade we had, and that there's absolutely no need to apologize, because I really appreciate the fact that he took the time to put together a great selection of cards, many of them from sets I never has the chance to own.

So thanks a lot Tony, again and again!!

And now let's get to the cards, because they are really excellent!

 The lot includes vintage cards as well as more recent and modern cards...but vintage first

1968 Topps # 222 - Jim Hardin

This card is so high-quality, that at first sight I tought that belonged to some sort of modern day reprint set. But I later discovered the card is an original card from 1968, and in beautiful condition!

1960 Topps # 213 - Chuck Dressen

This is probably one of the oldest Topps cards I (now) own, and I really love the fact that depicts a player (well, manager) of a team that no longer exists, at least doesn't play in the same city anymore. So a tribute to the Milwaukee Braves and their manager Chuck Dressen!

1955 Bowman # 39 - Bob Darnell

This card, in my humble opinion, beats them all. because comes from an iconic set, and it's the first card I own from it. Beautiful "picture" of him in the act of pitching for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

1981 Topps Scratch-offs # 49 - Steve Stone

Another "first-specimen-from-that-set"in the lot, and thanks to Tony I now added a Steve Stone card from 1981, not even scratched, so even more valuable!

2004 Upper Deck Chevron # 8 - Richie Sexson

A set I didn't know exised, here's some informations about the set directly from the "Baseballcardpedia" website:

2004 Upper Deck Chevron is a 12-card set distributed by the gas station, primarily in the Midwestern US. The design is identical to that of the 2004 Upper Deck flagship, with the exception of a "Clean Outta Here" logo on the front. The set is not licensed by MLB Properties, and as such, all trademarks have been airbrushed. One card with the purchase of eight or more gallons of fuel. "

Maybe I'll try to put together the entire 12 cards set.

1992 Score Select # 360 - Derek Jeter

The last card I'm showing for this post, is a beautiful rookie card of one of the most respected and widely loved player of the last decades. The Yankees Captain, The #2, Mr. Re2pect...Derek Jeter!

I really, and once again, thank you Tony for the beautiful lot of cards you sent oversea, and the fantastic cards everyone can see above.

Thank you very much to all the people reading this post and this humble blog.

Keep Collecting!!!


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  1. I really do feel bad for how long it took me to put that together for you! I would add a card here and there to the package, but it never got to a full box for a long time until I finally just sat down and finished it!

    I am very happy, though, that you liked the cards. Cheers!

    1. Thank you Tony, I really appreciate your kind gesture...
      I had a great afternoon sifting through your generous package!