domenica 20 marzo 2016

.552 2016 spring training average

I know you're wondering "What's this guy talking about this time?"

Here's the answer.

As you might know, I sometimes like to buy lots of cards on ebay (and I mean a bulk or job lot, not "a huge amount of singles"), and that's exactly what I did back in February, when I picked up from a UK seller 3 lots, that he/she was kind enough to combine in a single shipment.

The cards arrived on Friday of last week, and in a couple days I completed the sorting and check listing of them all..but how many cards are we talking about this time?

The exact count was 2.143, which is a pretty stack of cards!

Why this post is entitled that way?
Because 2016 Spring Training is on its way, and being an accountant in life, I can't help but keep track of the performance of the lots I blind buy on eBay...

The additions to the infinite sets I'm chasing have been a whopping 1.183 single cards!

It means that 55.2% of the cards received have been added to the completist's collection!

Some notable cards in the lots are Rookie Cards, and even a pre-rookie card, here they are

Both are from 1994 Collector's Choice, and feature an Icon of the Yankees as well as one of my favorite players (no matter what)...

In 1994 also MJ was featured in Collector's Choice set, despite it's hard for me to consider him a baseball card nonetheless

This is apparently the Jeter rookie card, and comes from 1995, so how should I call the previous card of him?

Also a couple of Topps key rookie cards were included, on top there's 2002 Joe Mauer and bottom is the 1992 Manny Ramirez.

Last, is something that probably should be called pre-rookie card, but you'll be the judges...

From 2002, a Grandstand pre rookie card of Brandon Philips!

Stay tuned for more scans, rants and cards!


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