martedì 8 settembre 2015

Important Upcoming Updates!

Well, after a title so teasing you are probably wondering what kind of revolution is preparing behind the scenes of this blog...
Maybe you'll be disappointed, but in the way I've been running this blog so far, will be a pretty huge innovation...

I'm about (a couple weeks away, based on the last estimates) to complete a comprehensive and detailed wantlist!!!

It's in the form of a set of spreadsheets (read excel files), two for every manufacturer (Topps, Upper Deck, Donruss, Fleer, just to name a few). In the first are listed the complete checklists of base and update/traded sets (in Topps' case), and in the second file are the checklists of all the subsets, divided by year.

It's been so far an incredible effort and a considerable time consumption ...especially when it comes to track down the checklists for particular subsets (I mainly use Baseballcardpedia, Openchecklist or Cardboard connection), while it's very fun the part where I go through the monster boxes and mark everything I have!

I think I will share such files on Dropbox, so that will be easily accessible, but not before I finish the complete listing, so prepare for that...

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