giovedì 3 settembre 2015

What's in my mailbox? part 4

Hello everyone,

I'm about to show some more nice (IMO at least) card that are currently waiting for shipment at my mailbox.

Except for a couple (coming from Instagram) all of them are eBay pickups, but this time will be a little more expensive than my average 1$ cards....

First some 2008 UD Premier, I really like this product, because cards feature amazing patches on a regular basis, while too often Topps puts regular white jersey pieces in cards supposed to have "patches" on them. These costed on average 5 dollars each, but I think it's a cheap  price considering how beautiful they look... only negative aspect on these, is the regular chippings on the edges, that seems to affect every card...

Ben Sheets numbered to 50                                        Brian Roberts numbered to 50
Erik Bedard numbered to 75                                      Freddy Sanchez numbered to 50

Johan Santana numbered to 57                                  Todd Helton numbered to 50

After such a nice start will be tough to keep up, but I will try with the following beauty from 2007 UD Premier Patches series 2... it's a Francisco Liriano numbered to 75


Still a patch, despite less cool than the previous, is the upcoming 2005 Fleer Patchworks numbered to 49 and with a two color patch of Justin Upton

To finish this post with a boom, I'm about to show you two of the best pickups I ever made on Instagram, paid 20$ for the couple shipped... here's a Desmond Jennings 2013 Unity Jumbo Relic Gold from Topps Triple Threads numbered to 9 and a 2012 Playoff Prime Cuts Colossal Prime of Justin Upton, numbered to just 5!

Both cards are pretty nice uh?
So what do you think about these "expensive" pickups?
Soon (in about ten minutes) another post with some lower end (not considering the Maris relic, the sick patches and cool jerseys) stuff.

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