mercoledì 2 settembre 2015

Some news and improvements! (but no new pickups)

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I'm "strongly" back into this blog, I already posted a couple of posts showing some (of the hundreds) of cards I bought on eBay during the summer, but I also decided to give a more in-depth view of some of the sets I'm trying to put together, as well as a possible upcoming upload of someting resembling a wantlist....

To be honest, I've been very influenced by the layout of Jeroen's blog, at The Dutch Card Guy  and combining the great looking blog he runs to my limited skills when it comes to blogger's setting knowledge, I've only been able so far to add a couple pages where are listed and depicted the cards I have from the main sets I'm chasing.

Some advices to the readers,

1) Please forgive the mid to low quality of the pictures, but I'm still without a scanner, so I can only use pictures provided by when they scan my pickups, or recycle old pictures used in other posts (generally not very good quality pics). I promise to update the pictures as soon as I will be equipped.

2) The stats about the completion status of the sets may not be matched by the pictures, due to the above issue... but are updated and reliable.

3) I'm still deciding wether to create other pages for sets that I've recently started to put together, (despite I have very few cards from them), or wait until I have some more and also in this way prevent the blog to become a cluster of checklists...

4) Once again, thank you very much Jeroen, for both the latest trade (which I will show in the coming days) as well as for the inspiration to start this blog. I hope you won't be pissed off by the copied layout, I will find a different way to organize this mess asap.

I've been buying pretty heavily from June until now, but I plan to stop picking up "whatever catches my eye and is cheap" and dedicate the coming months to organize the collection, finish the "wantlist project" and maybe set up more trades with European and US based collectors.
I could start buying again probably close to Christmas, with my usual "DAcardworld Christmas presents to myself".

Thanks for taking the time to read this and keep collecting!


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  1. Feel free to copy anything you like and if you need help let me know !