giovedì 30 luglio 2015

What's in my mailbox? part 3

Recently I've been very active on ebay, and my mailbox is loaded with cards...
Already shown what should be soon delivered to my doorstep, the Tier One waiting for shipping...let's see if there's something more to show!

Obviously there's more!

First, is a 2014 Panini Immaculate featuring a beautiful patch of Taijuan Walker, numbered to 99 and
featuring 2 or 3 colors (not sure)...
This is also the most expensive card for the post, since it costed an astronomical 5 dollars...

From now on, only dollar card, I promise...
I made a nice pairing for the next player, since I won a nice dual bat relic, and an auto relic of him..
Here's Albert Belle, first is a 2013 Tribute Famous Four Baggers (numbered to 99) and the second from 2014 Triple Threads Jumbo Unity (numbered to 99 as well).

Next is another 2014 Panini Immaculate, this time featuring both patch and autograph, this time the depicted player is Matt Davidson (it's numbered to 99, in case you're wondering).

Some more Topps Tribute before I end this post..
From 2013, Hanley Ramirez, numbered to 25
2013 again, but this time numbered to 99, featuring Yu Darvish

And to fill in the space between 25 and 99, what's better than a card numbered to 50? Here's Ryan Zimmerman
Frankly, the previous 3 cards could be from the same Jersey, since none of them has any particular detail, but who cares?!

There're so many more cards in the mailbox, and many others that are still in the processing phase, and others that haven't been delivered to COMC yet...but I'll show more in the coming posts...



4 commenti:

  1. Some very nice cards. That Walker definitely 3 colors.

    1. PS. Do you have a list of the sets you are building?

    2. I'm currently (and in the last months) working on a complete wantlists for the sets I'm building (basically each and every set ever).. I'm almost done with the Topps sets from 1982 to 2014, but it's a monster excel file, and I must find a way to have it decently displayed on here...I'll let you know as soon as I'm done, and in the meantime I'll continue searching for cards for your sets!