giovedì 23 luglio 2015

What's in my mailbox? part 2!

Here's the second part of what I bought recently (mainly in June), and is currently on its way to Italy...

I already showed the Dontrelle Willis lot, the Panini and the Topps Tribute I guess it's time for the "random other brands mixed stuff" part of the June buying spree...

Let's start with a card that was originally part of a lot of 7, and constituted the main reason I bid on the lot, it's a 2003 Donruss Classic Dresscode numbered to 500, featuring a nice 3 color patch of Bobby Abreu

Then a 2006 Sweet spot card with 4 jersey pieces of Matt Cain

A unique, bigger and pistriped jersey piece is featured in the next from this year Topps Museum, and numbered to only 35, here's my first Carlos Gonzalez relic!

At first, the next card was a bit weird, because it was listed as a "patch card", but from the ebay picture I didn't see any trace of fabric in it...but luckily enough the patch was there, and here it is, directly from 2003 Fleer Showcase, an A-Rod patch from when it was a Ranger!

In my previous post I showed a CJ Wilson auto, but this time I'm presenting you a patch, from 2013 Topps Museum...
I really like the contrast between the 3 plain white jersey pieces and the 3 color patch in the upper left spot...btw the card is numbered to 99
I save some more cards for an upcoming post, but for now I'm signing out....hope you liked the cards (of course I did)

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