mercoledì 22 luglio 2015

Some Tier One stuff

I've recently been very active on eBay, mainly due to the fact that I won't be in this year's White Plains Card show. So in order to mantain a nice inflow of cards for the post summer archiving activities, I bought some lots on ebay, mainly orienting my choice on quantity...

But on the other hand, and in order to have something nice and new to show on my blog and my Instagram account, I've also purchased several nice singles (like those in my previous post)...

In this post I'll focus only on the 2015 Topps Tier One cards, since I just realized I picked up a nice number of them!

So without further adue, let's start!

 The first card is a 2015 Tier One of Shelby Miller, numbered to 399
 Same set and numbering, but diffrerent pitcher, this is Stephen Strasburg!
The next, still numbered to 399, features A-Gon

Now let's go back to the first player I mentioned, with a card with double the jersey but an eight (more or less) of the numbering..another Shelby Miller numbered to 50

Even more limited is the next card, featuring not one, not two, but three jersey pieces of Zack Greinke...and numbered to only 25!

Now let's go back to a card numbered to 50, it's the first not having a plain white jersey piece, this is Evan Longoria (and since it's numbered 01/50, was listed as an "ebay one of one", which means that there are 49 more out there) (I'll never understand this kind of stuff)...

The next has a very bad picture, but with my current hardware, the only way to feature a picture is taking it from the eBay's Hanley Ramirez, numbered to 249
New card, new player, and new numbering as well.. the next is numbered to 199, and it's a Matt Kemp jersey card

I also got a game used bat card of Don Mattingly from this set, but unfortunately the auction had no picture so I can't show it...
Now the second most satisfying thing of the whole post (the first is the cards themselves), aka the price I paid for these nice (and I think pretty thick) pieces of cardboard...
99 cents each...
Yes exactly 99 cents, this means that nobody out there cared for these cards, and I know that the majority of the players have in the meantime changed team, but come on!! This is way too easy for me!

Lastly the biggest hit I got from this set, and it's an autograph card...a C J Cron auto to 399, as usual got it for 99 cents, which made the steal even more cool

I have plenty more stuff to show, but in another post ok?
Thanks for reading my blog (I'm obviously speaking to myself) and keep Collecting!

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