martedì 14 luglio 2015

I've been Dontrelled!

Don't worry, it's not a new terrible and exotic desease, but the latest lot of cards I picked up on eBay!
The pictures that follow might not be excellent (are the exact image included in the auction), but can give you an idea of the type of cards I picked up..and at the end of the post you will also know how much this lot cost me... Please consider that despite I'm talking about a lot, every card had an auction for itself, so I won six separate auctions for these beauties! (and there were more, but unfortunately someone else snagged them from me at the very last moment)

First card in order of auction end is this 2004 SPX Young Stars numbered to an astronomical 999 (I know it's impossible to see it, but trust me). It features a nice on card auto and a Jersey piece with a pinstripe as well


The second card I got my hands on is still from 2007 Upper Deck Exquisite Signature Materials. Thi time the card is numbered to a more low 85, features a sticker auto, and four Jersey pieces, two of which even have a pinstripe.
I really like this set, despite the chipping that seems to define every card in it, and the fact that these cards are usually pretty pricey, no matter the player depicted or the quality of the patch included.

Next up are two cards from Sweet Spot, so if you know the brand you probably know already the look of those. The first is from 2004 and it's not numbered, while the second comes from 2006 and it's numbered to 125.

Two more cards to go and then I'll finally unveil the total price for the lot.

First in order is a 2007 Upper Deck MLB Artifacts, first I own from this set, and I must say that is pretty cool. The card is numbered to 50, and it is the first of the run, so a true ebay one of one! Despite that additional appeal to it, no noe seemed interested so it is now mine!

And saving the best for last, the card I like the most in this whole lot, it's a 2007 Upper Deck Black featuring two signatures and two game used Jersey chunks (with the familiar pinstripes) from Jeremy Hermida and yes, Dontrelle Willis! This card is numbered to 50. Here it is!

So, how did I do with these auctions?
Oh right, I haven't said how much I spent...well the most pricey card was the fifth in order, that cost me a pharaonic amount of 1,84 dollars!
So it goes by itself that the remaining five cards costed me exacly 4,95 USD total!
Which, if the Math's gods still assist me, means I have spent less than a dollar per card!

In my humble opinion, it has been a very steal, but I'm open to discussions about it, so please let me know what do you think!

Since I bought many more cards, I may decide to post other pictures and comments on them, it depends on the response to this post..who am I kidding, I'll post them anyway, even if just for my personal collector's pleasure!

A big CIAO to everyone and keep collecting!

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