venerdì 26 febbraio 2016

Any authenticators out there?

In order to diversify my suppliers of Baseball cards, during December I bought a couple of nice cards from Instagram users.

Among others, I picked up a couple of autograped cards, with one being an IP (or in person) auto.

I usually avoid these cards because I trust (maybe I'm one of the last persons to do so) the card companies when they declare an autograph or a relic as being "authentic", and usually tend to doubt the trustworthiness (does this word exist?) of cards without at least a declaration of authenticity (that might as well be wothless).

But the guy's offer was way too invinting for me and for once I decided to take the risk and go for an autographed card, of a great player, not (yet) authenticated.
I say "yet" because the first thing I did after the card reached my mailbox at COMC, was submit it for authentication from BGS.

The player's signature is pretty expensive usually, and the chance of getting one for 10 dollars was way to inviting for me.

So here's the card...

The seller was swearing that he got the card from a close and trusted friend of his that got it signed during some kind of autographing session, so I trusted him.

So far I haven't received the result of the authentication, but a card like this, and with this signature, once slabbed could become easily one of the centerpieces of my in-progress showcase...

Stay tuned for the results (hopefully soon) from BGS!!

Keep collecting!!


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