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Cards that aren't checklisted

Despite the huge effort that brought to the posting of the set of checklists (you can find them right here), there are some cards that I haven't included in the fancy excel files...


Because they belong to sets of which I have maybe just that particular card , an example is the case of refractors.

But there's a very (so far) limited list of cards that are excluded from the checklists because they're way too old, and represent the only specimen of that set that I (so far) own.

In this post I'll show some old or maybe even ancient cardboard, coming from the past century (the 1900s) and in a  case from two centuries ago (1800s), but it won't be baseball themed.

This first pair of cards (I might have already posted them, and in case I apologize, but I forgot about it), come from 1949 and were produced by Bowman.
For the first time since the beginning of the blog, I'll show both front and back of the card, as you're supposed to de when showing Tobacco cards (even if these are not Tobacco cards).

Card # 97 of the "Gray back" issue - Danny Litwhiler
Card # 48 of the "White back" issue - Willard Marshall
Apparently the parallels craze started way before Topps introduced the complete palette parallel versions of each card.
Next card come directly from 1936, and it's amazingly well preserved, in my non professional grader opinion. 
Card # JOCO - Joe Coscarart
This card is really big compared to modern size cards, and even bigger compared to the old squared cards from the 40s. It's almost the size of a postcard, and made of very thin paper. The set it 1936 Goudey Wide Pens Premiums R314.
The next card is also the last baseball-related for this post.
It's the most recent among the cards in this post, since it comes directly from 1950.
The set is the beautiful 1950 Bowman set, the card appears in very good condition and the player on it is Charlie Keller of the Detroit Tigers.
Card # 211 - Charlie Keller
I'm really starting to consider these sets as a cool alternative to modern gray-jersey cards...
The last card will turn 127 this year! This means that was issued in 1889! The oldest card I own...
Duke's Flags & Costumes Tobacco N109
The set also includes a card for Italy, which might be interesting to pair with this one, representing China.
What do you readers think abount more than vintage cards? You like to collect them or avoid them due to scarcity or lack of chromage?
Keep collecting and CIAO!!

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