domenica 28 febbraio 2016

Time to upgrade the blog?

As I regularly do, today I visited Jeroen's blog at The Dutch Card Guy and something I really like about is blog, apart from the beautiful cards he posts, are the high quality scans.

This is an issue I already dealt with, but still haven't managed to implement.

I'm aware that it might take some time and a lot of scanning activites, but taking advantage of this rainy Sunday, I will start this massive scanning and replacing work.

I hope my readers will appreciate this effort to take the blog to the next level.

Once again, thanks Jeroen for the inspiration, and I hope that you don't mind if I quote you every now and then...

Before I end this post and start the new direction of the blog, I'll post a couple more pics taken from COMC of cards I recently picked up.

First is this beautiful 2006 Upper Deck Premier quad patch card of Jeremy Hermida, numbered to 15, and with some of the sickest patches I've ever added to the collection.

Whenever I see a card like this, I really miss Upper Deck and its fantastic products, do you feel the same?

And then a quite anonymous jersey piece, but from a cool set and a player that has become one of the favorites of many collectors and fans, here's a 2013 Topps Tribute to the Stars Relics numbered to 99 of Madison Bumgarner.

Stay tuned and keep your eyes open for the new high-def pictures!

Have a nice Sunday and CIAO!

2 commenti:

  1. No magic on my side, simply a good scanner I am using :-)) looking forward to the upgrade !

    1. So far I updated the pics in the 2013 Tribute WBC patches section, The HOF cards page and the 2015 Tier one page. I think the pictures are now much more clear and the whole quality of this blog improved a little bit...
      Thanks for inspire all of this!