giovedì 11 febbraio 2016

Complete or not complete...

...this is the question!

In my quest for completeness I've always been well aware of the fact that sooner or later the completion of a set must pass through one or more very scarce or expensive cards.

In this specific case though, I'm not even sure whether to consider a card as part of set or not!

If you read my older posts, you probably already understood that what's puzzling my mind today is the famous Topps 2006 Alex Gordon Rookie card.
That's the only missing piece in the 2006 660 cards set, and it really rattles me seeing a 99.9% completion rate on that set!

So what should I do? Search for a card that usually sells for 30+ dollars (in the best case scenario, which means less attractive card), or apply the definition of the Standard Catalog of Baseball cards, that doesn't consider this as a part of the set?

In case you don't know the card I'm referring to, the infamous #297 card comes in the following "variations".

The standard "complete" 2006 Topps card. You'll understand why I'm using the word complete in a second. This is (correct me if I'm wrong) the most expensive and rare version, since it is the player's rookie card as it was intended to be. (image taken from

Then there's this silly version. (picture taken from
To be noted that the card has not been vandalized by some stupid kid, but this is the actual condition in which the card could be found inside the 2006 Topps packs. The image of Alex Gordon has been cut out from the card directly by Topps!
I've never seen this version on eBay auction, but I'm pretty sure it has shown up...

This could probably been considered a "good compromise" between the first two versions.
This card sold on ebay a couple months ago (maybe even less), and for a reasonable price (around 30 bucks).
Credits for the picture go to

I'm not aware of other variants for this card, but if there's any, I don't think I'm brave enough to even imagine how they could look!

So, what should I do with this elusive card? Ignore it and consider the set complete without it, or pay some good cash to have a 100% complete set, and also add an odd piece to the collection?
Thanks to everyone who took the time to read this post, as usual KEEP COLLECTING!!!

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  1. You have to get the 'standard' card at least. I know I'd probably end up trying to get all 3. Perhaps deny yourself your monthly purchase or however often you buy cards and treat yourself to it. I only have one complete base set (2002 Upper Deck) and remember the day I completed it (only this Christmas). It was a very happy day after 13 years collecting it.

    1. Dear Matthew, I followed your suggestion.
      But unfortunately as of today every card I was able to find on ebay had a price ranging from 300 $ (apparently I forgot a zero when writing the post) to 600$, which is insane for me...maybe if I'll become a billionare oneday...