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Some honorable mentions part 2

In this series of posts I'm presenting some cool sets of relics or autographs that might be interesting to actively chase. In the first episode (you can find it here ) I presented 2014 Panini Immaculate as a set that offers several subsets with nice relics, despite missing the MLB rights (as pointed out by Matt).
In the meantime I snagged a couple more cards from those sets, but I'm still very far from any idea of completing them, as well as from focusing on every card that appears on ebay and try to get it...

In this post I'm presenting another set that I really like, in which every card should feature a nice piece of patch, as the name of the set suggests, and that has been issued by Topps in 2009.

I'm talking about 2009 Topps Unique Prime Time Patches!

Very cool set, but also very large, since it consists of 120 cards! I cannot even imagine having all of them, especially because some of them are reaching pretty high prices on a regular basis. The set includes big names as A-ROD (who haves 2 cards), Albert Pujols (also with 2 cards), Chipper Jones (with 3 cards) and much more.
To be noted that Lance Berkman has 4 different cards in the set, while Jim Thome holds the record with 5 different cards!

So far I've put together a very small part of the set, having 7 cards, but I have to say that almost all of them display very nice patches! Also, every card is serially numbered, to 50, 75 or to 99 as far as I know.

Here below I'm showing some of the most recent pickups, currently stored in my mailbox at COMC.

Card # PTP81 - Andrew Miller numbered to 50 

That's probably not the best example of the patches that these cards feature, but still I find it very cool.

The next one is numbered  to 75, and I think that the fabric hosted in it is a patch and not just a coloured jersey piece.

Card # PTP29 - JJ Hardy numbered to 75

The next card has the best patch, among those showed, and here it is!

Card # PTP11 - Brad Lidge numbered to 99

What do you readers think? Is it a set worthy collecting?

Keep collecting folks!!!

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  1. The jerseys look nice. Better than the plain grey etc. Always good to have a pinstripe in it or similar but not sure it offers anything that you could get from a jersey card from a main set. The thing with this hobby is everyone has different tastes.